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Regional development and entrepreneurship education support

Solving income disparity in the region and reducing poverty in the rural areas are common issues in countries such as ASEAN and regional development projects are strongly desired. Also, there are many requests asking to take local promotion projects in Japan for consideration such as one village one product in Oita prefecture.

Current activities
With this background, Asia Seed aims at activating the regional economy by connecting universities as an intellect center for the region and local SMEs or traditional industries. We support sustainable entrepreneur development and hold seminars to extend their knowledge.

1. Common Curriculum Development for ASEAN Entrepreneurship Education

Client: The ASEAN secretariat and Japan Overseas Development Center (JODC)
Objective: Asia SEED has implemented the entrepreneurship education together with professor Takeru Ohe, Waseda University in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia since 2003. The ASEAN secretariat which is located in Jakarta nominated Asia SEED as the executing organization that implements the seminars for entrepreneurship education for Vietnam, Myanmar and Philippines. The necessary expenditures for this seminar are contributed from Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund. The text book of common curriculum is developed, which will be used at universities in each country of ASEAN. This project is the corpus of entrepreneurship education that has been executed in Asian countries so far.

2.Survey on Entrepreneur Development Education in 2009 (south east Asia)
Client: Research Collaboration and Promotion Center, Waseda University
Purpose: This is the follow up survey for “Pilot Study for Fostering Entrepreneur Facilitator”, which was financed by JBIC in 2008. The contents of the survey are;
(1)Report on the present condition for implementation of entrepreneur education in ASEAN.
(2)Following up universities which implement the entrepreneur education program (COBLAS).
(3)  Approaches for entrepreneur development at universities in ASEAN.

3.Data Collection and Analysis for the Small /Medium Scale Industries and Entrepreneurs in the South East Asian Countries
Program Name: (same as above)
Client: Japan Overseas Development Cooperation (JODC)
Purpose: Research on the appropriate method for development of small/ medium enterprises to promote employment of many unskilled labors in the circumstances of severe global competition.
Role of Asia SEED: Implementation of the survey in cooperation with the Bangkok office of JODC in connection with the “Education program for development of the entrepreneur facilitator”.

4.Pilot Study for Fostering Entrepreneur Fasilitator
Program Name: Pilot Study for Educational Program Development to Foster Entrepreneur Facilitator
Client: Research Collaboration and Promotion Center, Waseda University
Fund: JBIC
Purpose: Development of educational program for entrepreneurs in Indonesia and Malaysia. Active promotion of cooperation among industry, academia, and government
Role of Asia SEED: Development of the educational program. Coordination among universities

5. APEC One Village One Product Seminar
Program Name: APEC One Village One Product Seminar I and II
Sponsor: APEC
Purpose: Regional development and entrepreneurship education support in Asia-Pacific region
Role of Asia SEED: Overall coordination for planning and management for implementation of the seminar.

Main Activity Records

  • Development of the education program to foster the entrepreneur facilitator in Cambodia (2009)   Cambodia International Education Support Fund
  • Data collection and analysis for the small /medium scale industries and
    entrepreneurs in the south east Asian countries (2009)   Japan Overseas
    Development Cooperation (JODC)
  • Development of the education program for fostering the entrepreneur facilitator (2008)  The Research Promotion Center by Public / Private Sector and University, Department of Research Promotion, Waseda University
  • 2nd APEC seminar on “One Village one Product (OTOP)”  (2007)   Secretariat of APEC
  • Study for the situation of support for local industries in Asia-Pacific region (2007) Japan Overseas Development Cooperation (JODC)
  • Seminar on strengthening the economic legal infrastructure in Vietnam (2007) APEC
  • Creation of textbook of social and economy for elementary school and junior high school in developing countries and its case study (2006) Waseda University Institute of Asia-PacificStudies / Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan
  • Seminar on support for local and cottage industries in Vietnam (2006) APEC
  • Feasibility Study for experimental business administration in Malaysia (2005-2006) Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry(RIETI)
  • Feasibility study on development of tourism-related handicraft industries along the West-East Corridor, Japan Overseas Development Cooperation (JODC)
  • Seminar for trainers of entrepreneurship education to develop local business (2005) The Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS)
  • Study on project for strengthening industrial infrastructure in Asia: Support program for traditional industry in Cambodia (2004-2005) Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan
  • Study for regional development and entrepreneurship education support in Thailand (2003-2004) Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan
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