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Current activities
With the sprit of international cooperation and contribution to the citizens, Asia Seed researches, collects information, analyzes the issues on education, science technology, culture, economy and industry and provides proposals on them.

・ National Institute of Technology:
Research on Potential Assessment of KOSEN Overseas Development

Client: National Institute of Technology
Purpose: This research seeks to analyze the needs of human resources at local firms as well as the current status and challenges of industrial workforce development in the education sector in the following selected countries, which are necessary to implement KOSEN Overseas Development Project. Furthermore, it aims to consider the potential of expanding the KOSEN education and suggest a concrete approach to it.
Selected countries: ASEAN countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao P.D.R.), India, Sri Lanka, Mongolia
Role of Asia SEED: To conduct data collection through literature research and site visit, analyze the data, evaluate the possibility of KOSEN Overseas Development in each country, and suggest the concrete approaches for it.

・ Data collection survey for Kosen in Mongolia (Oct. 2016 to Apr. 2017)
Client: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Purpose: Purpose of the survey was to support Mongolian government to formulate the framework for further development of Kosen education in Mongolia.  This survey drew a perspective on future Kosen education by developing human resources with practical engineering skills aiming at  industrial development in Mongolia.

Japanese Government:
Pacific Leaders’ Educational Assistance for Development of State (Pacific-LEADS)
 (July 2016~)
Client: JICA
Fund: The government of Japan
Purpose: To foster young leaders who play vital roles towards the resolution of development challenges in Pacific Islands Countries, as well as to further strengthen the relationships between their countries and Japan
Role of Asia SEED: Coordination among JICA and universities. Support for international students and overall management of program implementation.
101 participants were accepted and enrolled into universities in 37 graduate schools, 28 universities since 2016.

・ Preparatory Survey for Development Project of Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology(MJIIT)
Client: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Objective: The objective of the survey is to prepare the stronghold for international technology education, which aims to make education and study keeping characteristics of Japanese education method in the field of technology under the umbrella of University Technology Malaysia (UTM) to foster the capable engineering human resources. The survey is preparation to formulate the project by the Japanese yen loan and it has implemented for about six months from September 2010.

・ Survey on Promotion of Cooperation between UNIMAS and the Industries
Name of project: Dispatch of Academic-Industrial Alliance Expert to University Malaysia, Sarawak (UNIMAS).
Client: Japan Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Objective: This is the expert dispatching project for promotion of cooperation between UNIMAS and the industries.UNIMAS is the only one national university in State of Sarawak. Asia SEED has implemented the survey during the period from July to December 2010 and collected basic information and research capability of UNIMAS. At the same time, Asia SEED conducted the survey and analysis for industries in the state. Asia seed proposed the road map for technology development in selected four important fields based on the survey result for UNIMAS.

・ Analysis of Cross-border Education for Regional Integration and Labor Market in East Asia
Client: JICA Research Institute
Purpose: Execution of the verification survey to grasp the whole scope of international exchanges of higher education that is rapidly expanding in Asia is the main objective. The effects on international education by twining program and /or double degree program in Malaysia are given the particular focus in this research.

・ Thailand:Pilot Study on Practical Use of Photocatalysis Technology for Drainage Treatment (2007-2008)
Program Name: (same as above)
Client: Tokyo Institute of Technology
Purpose: TIT proposed this survey program to JBIC. Objective is to implement the
demonstration for applying the new technology of photocatalysis for drainage
treatment in the environmental pollution raised by rapid urbanization.
The survey consist of (1) present condition of drainage treatment,
(2) demonstrative experimentation, (3) business planning.
Role of Asia SEED: Development of business planning

・ Indonesia:Follow-up Study on Scholarship Returnee of Yen Loan Program in Indonesia (2008)
 Program Name: (same as above)
Client: JBIC
Purpose: Survey on the present condition of returnees who studied in Japan under
the scholarship programs of the Indonesian government which were supported by JBIC and OECF.
Role of Asia SEED: Implementation of questionnaire and interview survey for the
returnees and confirmation of their present status.

Main Activity Records

  • Study on the regional unification, labor market and human capital formation
    in east Asia (2009) JICA
  • Follow-up study on scholarship returnee of yen loan program in Indonesia
    (2008) JBIC
  • Pilot study on support for the higher human resources development of
    Vietnam (2007) JBIC
  • Joint study on enhancement of quality and productivity of palm oil by
    RITE/BPPT/Asia SEED (2007-2009) Research Institute of Innovative
    Technology for Earth (RITE)
  • Pilot study on practical use of photocatalysis technology for drainage
    treatment (2007-2008) Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Meeting for “Asia Gateway Strategy: International Student and Internationalization in University” (2007) Office of Prime Minister Documents for the presentation by Mr. Hamano, Executive Director of Asia SEED
  • Creation of textbook of social and economy for elementary school and junior high school in developing countries and its case study (2006) Waseda University Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies / Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan
  • “Feasibility Study on Experimental Management in Malaysia”(2005-2006) Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Study on special assistance for project formation for higher education development support in Vietnam (2005) JBIC
  • Study on overseas educational institute in Philippines (2006) Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
  • Study on project for strengthening industrial infrastructure in Asia : Support program for traditional industry in Cambodia (2004-2005) Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan
  • Presentation “Twinning program in Malaysia and international higher education market in Asia: Toward the future educational program with international linkage” symposium of International student center in Nagaoka University of Technology (2004)
  • Study for regional development and entrepreneurship education support in Thailand (2003-2004) Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan
  • Study on “Application of biotechnology to rubber tree” in Indonesia (2003) Private enterprise/New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization: NEDO
  • Technical research study on plant as industrial material in Indonesia toward implementation of multigene (2003) Private enterprise/New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization: NEDO
  • Study for supporting implementation of Malaysia Higher Education Loan Fund Program (II) (2001-2002) JBIC
  • Research for preparatory education system for international student in Toyama prefecture in Japan (2000-2002) Toyama prefectural government
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