Registered Non-Profit Organization Asia SEED
Supporting human resources development in Asia
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Registered Non-Profit Organization Asia SEED

Year of Foundation
Year 1999
(Previously knewn as Japan-Indonesia Science and Technology Forum (JIF).,which was established in 1984

♦Board Member<13Executive Board Members, 1 Auditor>
Chairman, Board of Directors Masahiro HAMANO Registered Non-Profit Organization Asia SEED
Senior Executive
Hikaru SHOZAWA Registered Non-Profit Organization Asia SEED
Hideaki SHIMIZU Registered Non-Profit Organization Asia SEED
Director Yoshio HARA Former Chairman of Registered Non-Profit Organization Asia SEED
Director Younosuke HARA Acadrmic Fellow, GRIPS
Director Takashi SHIRAISHI Chancellor,Prefectural University of Kumamoto
Director Katsuhiko SUETSUGU Chief Secretary, The Asia-Pacific Energy Forum
Director Nagaharu HAYABUSA President, The Journalist Workshop for Global Citizens
Director Kazuaki MATSUI Director, The Institute of Applied Energy
Director Eiichi KAWAI Representative, Asia JK Planning,Ltd.
Director  Tatsuhiko AIZAWA Professor, Department of Design Engineering,Shibaura Institute of Technology
Director Takeru OHE  President, Consulting OASIS INC.
Director Yoshihiro TANIGUCHI  Vice President, Heian Jogakuin University (St. Agnes University)
Auditor Eiji HIRANAKA  Former Corporate Adviser, Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company

Prof.Dr.Ing. Wardiman Djojonegoro Former Minister for Education & Culture the Republic of Indonesia
Dr. Phisit Pakkasem Former Secretary-General for NESDB, Thailand
Shoichiro Niwayama Lawyer
Yasushi KOBAYASHI Certified Public Accountant
(As of June1, 2019)

Asia SEED took over the higher education support cooperation made by the Japan-Indonesia Science and Technology Forum (established in 1984) under a grant credit provided by the World Bank and OECF (current JBIC). Asia SEED was newly established aiming at human resource development throughout the Asian nations.

We aim at 1) looking for cooperative themes for the wide range development of economic society through scientific technology and reinforcement of education in Asian nations with the spirit of international cooperation, 2) contributing to promote exchange between Japan and Asian nations in the fields of education, science, culture, economy and industry by collaboration both governments and business worlds, and 3) sustaining and developing healthy relationships in the Asian region.

Main operations
(1) Research, information collection and analysis of issues related to education, scientific technology, culture, economy, and industry between Japan and Asian nations and proposals on these issues.
(2) Development of cooperative projects and implementation of consulting on concrete issues based on (1)
(3) Holding research meetings, trainings, seminars and symposiums related to (1)
(4) Collaborative research or exchange between governmental officers, educators, scientists, technicians, economists and intellectuals of each Asian nation and those of Japan.
(5) Support on dispatch of foreign students and trainees from Asian nations to Japan.
(6) Other related issues

Financial resources
Scale of activities by Asia SEED is around 300 million yen in recent years. Main financial resources are from consulting fees from the projects budgets (loans from the Japanese government to the developing countries) coming from governmental institutions of each country or consignment fees from the Japanese government or government related institutions. Other than these, recently consignment fees from private sectors and universities are increasing.

As for 2018, approximately 40.8% is consulting fee from foreign governments and government offices,57.2% is consignment fee from the Japanese government related offices and the remaining 2.0% is consignment fee from private sectors.

Main Related Organizations
Central Government, such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Aid Agency like JICA. University, Local government, Public-interest corporation, Private enterprise, International Organization, Foreign Government, and so on.

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