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MJIIT was founded in 2011 upon an initiative by the Malaysian and Japanese governments as a new and vibrant entity at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Kuala Lumpur, the long established research university. MJIIT combines the advantage of the Malaysian systematic outcome-based education with the research-intensive approach of Japanese education. MJIIT also works with the Japanese universities and industries to enhance international culture and holistic approach in its programs.

Unique Approach to Empower Minds

Students will learn from basic to advanced, cutting edge in each research field. In addition, to empower professional knowledge, discipline and teamwork, unique programs that take advantage of the strengths of the Japanese education system are available at MJIIT.



Research at MJIIT is classified into several distinct groups of ikohzas which are Japanese-styled research laboratory groups with members comprising students, academics and researchers of similar interests. Final year undergraduate and postgraduate students collaborate with the unique Senpai-Kohai or mentor-mentee concept. Junior members are nurtured and closely supported by their seniors, encouraging strong collaboration and continuous guidance from professors and senior members of the research group.



MONOZUKURI: It is about having a state of mind, the spirit to produce not only excellent products but also have the ability to constantly improve the production system and its processes. It is practiced in Capstone Design, Laboratory Courses and Problem Based Learning.

NINGEN-RYOKU: A holistic approach for comprehensive character building to develop confidence, decisiveness, independence and maturity in the graduates which prevails through emphasis on skills in communication, problem solving, responsibility and ethics in the programme curriculum.



5S AND KAIZEN: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke (“sort”, “set in order”, “shine”, “standardize, “sustain”) and Kaizen (continuous improvement) has become part of the learning concept of MJIIT, aimed to develop the skills of the Japanese, such as team working, responsibility, and resilience.

K.E.S PEDAGOGY: “Knowledge-Experience and Self-study” pedagogy concept of teaching and learning approach which focuses on more class contact in lower years, learning through experience and self-study in later years.


MJIIT offers undergraduate programmes, postgraduate programmes and R&D activities leveraging on the strength of Japanese technology and education system which is based on intensive research, close relations between academicians and students, professional ethics and high-value work. There are more than 20 Japanese professors and other international professors. All programmes are conducted in English for global human resource development for all students.

Undergraduate Programme

Undergraduate Programme

Education emphasizes on Monozukuri (art of making products) to cultivate professional knowledge and discipline. MJIIT offers its unique Ningen-ryoku courses that incorporate the elements of environmental sustainability, ethics, and entrepreneurship. All students will undergo industrial training for up to 12 weeks on completion of the 3rd year. Selected students will be given chance to experience training in Japan or at Japanese industries in Malaysia.

Master Programme

Master Programme

At Master level, MJIIT offers postgraduate programmes based on  research, taught course and dual degree programme. Under a unique joint supervision programme, students have the opportunity to carry out part of their programme at the world-class facilities of partner institutions in Japan.

PhD Programme

PhD Programme

MJIIT offers PhD Programme based on research and provides competitive advantage by leveraging on the strength of Malaysian and Japanese educational systems, expertise and technologies for world-class research and development. As with the master programme, students have the opportunity to carry out part of their programme at MJIIT’s partner institutions in Japan.

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